Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Weekend in Photos

Its a pretty rare weekend that we spend at home, but this week I had to work both the Friday and Saturday night, so home we decided to stay! Saturday morning was bleak and grey, but thhe kids were happy playing hide and seek, lego, watching tv... So I decided I would watch the Time Travellers Wife, again! I also decided I needed something to distract me as I do tend to become a little emotional about 30 minutes into the movie, I know whats coming! Mum sobbing on a Saturday morning is not great for the kids!
So I made this hat while I watched!
NB crocheting while watching sad movies does NOT lessen the angst!

Love the hat though and have just listed it at madeit
I also love Hannah's Purple Gingham Pantsuit
Finished off Saturday afternoon watching Matching Jack, an Aussie movie that foxtel was trying to sell as a comedy, well I dont think so, pretty bloody sad, the kids brought out a roll of toilet paper for me!
Sunday was better!
Sunday we were at the beach! We love the beach! No swimming though, big surf and theres video on youtube of blokes catching great whites off Stockton Beach!
We had lunch, cheese and bacon rolls, and got a family photo
I might try again next time, I even offered Jayden, our 7yr old money obsessed child, 20c to smile for the photo, it wasn't enough! And Jack, well this photo is pure Jack!
And we took this photo of Hannah
Pretty Dress
and hat
at least today your undies dont have Thomas or Ninja turtles on them!
5 more sleeps to go, cant wait for the weekend!


  1. that photo of the 3 of them on the car is THE best. It looks like a 'spur of the moment pic' captuing their personalities so well (and I dont even know them!) xx
    ps brave woman you are-watching the ttw twice in one week....

  2. Love love love your photos & your products!!!! A new follower here :)
    Thanks for linking up to my weekend post :)