Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Whats In a Name

High Heels and Muddy Feet
We were at the shops today and there was a lady, pregnant, chatting to the shop girls about picking names for what would be her 2nd girl. She liked such and such, but hubby didnt! Hubby liked this or that, but she didn't! Hubby mentioned Zoe to which one of the girls behind the counter said "god No! I went to school with a Zoe..." I mean that says it all!"
Its a hard job picking a childs name, so many of us at some point in our lives wis our parents had picked differently, and most of us do choose to keep them for life, our names and our parents.
When I was a teenager I decided if I ever had a boy I was going to call him Zac, and I did. 2 Days after e was born  I was holding and cuddling him and thought Oh No you dont look like a Zac! Luckily he does now!
10 years later I was pregnant again, didnt know what I was having and Tim and I stuggled for names, we had the books and talked about it all the time, Tim wanted Taj for a boy, I knew 7 Taj's under 7mths of age at playgroup! Tim then wanted Jayden, which I didnt mind, but I didn't want his name to end up shortened to Jay, I knew a kid once called Jay... and OMG what a pain in the ...!!! So Jayden has been shortened to Jaydo (dont count the syllables) but thats OK we're Aussies, Oi Oi Oi!!
A couple of years after Jaydo, Tim and I had talked about aving another one, trying for a girl! At the 12 week scan we were told we were aving identical boys ( Jack I love you, but not sure te world is ready for 2 of you)!
At the 20 week scan it was confirmed 1 boy and 1 girl!
I love Jack as a boys name, its strong and bold, just like Jack!
I wanted  a pretty, girly name for my little girl, Hannah, and she is! There's no doubting the x chromosomes there, she's a girly girl! Love that she still likes to get dirty with the boys though.
How did you come up with your kids names?
BTW Hannah and Jack's middle names are Mary and Joseph, that was a funny lightbulb moment at the Birth Deaths and Marriages Office!


  1. ooh that's soo funny! we went through all of that too, with me working with children... then was the 'it has to be pronounced the same in both countries' kind of thing (Emma), and with the second, we just gave up (Femke)... xx

  2. I love the naming process. :) When we were having our first I struggled as my hubby worked in a Veterinary Clinic and every name was a common dog/cat name. My only rule has been we all have to have different initials. So we have Matthew, Kirsty, Jereme, Adrian, Rosemary, Oliver and Harrison. I even went as far as our dog had to have a different letter too. So he is Nelson.

  3. Hehe ... this made me giggle!! I have bub #2 due in 11 weeks (not sure if he or she is aboy or girl yet?) & we have absolutely no idea what to name him or her!??

    I actually sat down at the computer to try and make a list of names I have have gotten sidetracked!! :)

    PS - I love your gorgeous blog too!

  4. We struggled with the 'name game', we didn't find out the sexes of our three babies whilst i was pregnant & my hubby & i had trouble agreeing on any! Our poor children weren't named for a day or two.... it was a hard decision, but our boy & two girls are called Chas, Amity & Scarlett. I'm glad we took our time, all their names are just perfect for them!