Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I cant Wait till I Grow up!!!

I am going to wear that Green Makeup stuff on MY eyes! It looks soooo cool!
Oh good lord, what have I created?
Is it Nature or Nurture?
Hannah went to school today, (to pick up Jayden), in this skirt, high heels which didnt match, but they were pretty! and took along the Myers makeup catalogue!
This is the same four year old girl who dragged me through a shopping centre on Saturday, picking out clothes for me!
She's a fashionista and sometimes even a diva,
She is, as everyone in my family likes to remind me,
the little girl I was hoping for!!!
The skirt I made from scraps and bits and bobs people have given me!
Its a little Matilda Jane - ish! Be Brave, put that colour with that colour.. look it works!
Hannah Likes this skirt that I made yesterday, so much that she slept in it last night and wore it again today!
She also likes her new bag from Brusselsprouts
i am thinking about making more skirts in this style, what do you think?


  1. Very pretty! Aren't girly girls fun! ~ Christine xx

  2. I love those photos! And ein love to mix different fabrics, too. Have a look in the galerie of You will find a lot of inspiration!