Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Put your listening Ears On!

Hannah and I had a day out together, just the two of us!
Jack went to Nan and Pop's house, and Hannah and I, we went to the Audiology department at the John Hunter Hospital and then to McDonalds for lunch, but its a secret, we're not telling Jayden or Jack, shhh!
Had an ear infection, she's had three in three years, not unusual for a child who swims alot and doesn't know how to swim above the water! But her eardrum was grey or blue or something indicating glue ear so te doctor suggested a hearing test, hence todays audiology appointment.
I wasn't worried, she speaks well, she understands us, she socialises well with everyone,
I cant believe she's totally deaf in her left ear!
Sometimes Hannah would ask  the same question over and over again, sometimes she would say what over and over again, mostly I would repeat myself, but sometimes I would get frustrated and say "Hannah would you please put your listening ears on"!
It would be fair to say, I should have had my listening ears on.
Hannah will probably end up with gromets in her ears and I Hope her hearing will  be fully restored.
If you have any doubts or concerns about your childs hearing, get it checked out!

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