Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vintage Ruffle Skirts

I Love them! I even Like making them! Hannah likes them, they're roomy enough for running, skipping and when you team them with a pair boots you can make the grandest, stompiest exit... stage left!
I have listed this skirt here
and BTW I did not teach Hannah the hands on hip with attitude pose!
Hannah's a little over the photo thing, so at the moment the trade off is she gets her photo taken with Oscar, or today I got my Mum, Nanna, to ask her really nicely, if she would get her photo taken in her new crochet vest, because Nanna, really wanted to see it on the computer, It Worked!
(but you'll have to wait to see those photos).
Anyway I've been blog hopping lately trying to find fun new ways to take photos and even fun backdrops that the kids and I could make together, Ive found a few, so watch this space!
While we're talking blogs, I love blogs,
here are some of my faves
There's probably a thousand more I could add to the list, I could spend days just following links and getting lost in blogland..
Would love to know some of your favourites :)


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  2. Gorgeous Photos Lee-anne, and gorgeous skirt. Stick with it if you LOVE making them.....I love Hannah's attitude!

  3. Thank you for including my little blog in your faves Lee-Anne! You already know how much I love your fashions with a story - and even pouty poses tell a tale :)
    ~ Christine xx