Monday, May 16, 2011

A Couple of Scallywags in Funky Designer Duds

and a few reasons why you should eat lunch if your planning on drinking wine!
*you will become intoxicated much more quickly than if you had eaten
*you will miss the best part of the night because you had to go to bed
*you will wake  up the next day with a very sore head
*You wont function so  well the next day and may forget things, like leaving camera at caravan, throwing hubby's keycard on the car floor instead of putting back in his wallet after paying for petrol, ( a few repercussions from that one!)
*and last but not least,
Mummy with a hangover is not a good weekend for the kids!
Hopefully we live and learn....
Sunday was spent with a clearer head than Saturday!
So changing the subject, sort of, on Sunday the kids and I went shopping at Kmart. I owed Jayden bribe money because he kept up with his tap classes, (im glad I bribed him and so is he, he's so keen again now that Australias Got Talents started).
He is "a little disillusioned with Kmart and their toys, now that he is growing up" Jayden informs me on Sunday at all of 7 yrs old! LOL!!
Jack and Hannah went out in this get up and got so many comments, I am going to start putting Frankie Small business cards in Jacks pockets, everyone loves his upcycled Funky Duds (almost as much  as Jack)!
So remember
eat lunch/tea and wine in moderation!!!
All photos for the next week will be compliments of my phone, Hannah wishes I had left that camera behind too!

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