Friday, May 6, 2011

Australia's Got Talent

The following photos were taken in big, brother Zac's room and we hope he doesn't read this blog!
Sometimes we sneek in there and dont touch anything, just jump on the bed and take photos, it is a room full of beautiful light, (and smelly teenage boy odours!). But today we were naughty and broke the no touching rule. Hannah was tap dancing (in Jayden's shoes, which is another story), Jack had his black fedora, all he needed was a guitar! Nothing was broken, hopefully he will never know, or he will understand?
So the kids have been watching Australia's got Talent, I haven't seen much of it, I'm a bit of a flitterer, I'll wash a couple of dishes, hang up a towel, stand in a doorway and listen to a song, unpick a skirt,
But they love it!
They're practicing for next year!
Check out the motion blur on those tap shoes, and the requisite doggy photo for Hannah,
Check out those big smiles, we had so much fun!
Look its Michael Jackson :)

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  1. Love the photos, here comes Australia's newest talent! ~ Christine xx