Sunday, November 28, 2010

Long grass, Long days and Long Dresses!

I love these maxi's!
I am even thinking I might make myself one!
I love the colours in this one, they're bright but earthy! And this style of dress its fun and summery!
I love summer, but was watching the news the other day about the snake invasion in NSW's backyards, so as pretty as the dandelions and wet the bed flowers are, we are going to buy a new lawn mower, and I am going to look outside of my own backyard for photoshoot locations!
Cant believe the weekend is over already!
Tomorrow is mine and Tim's 10 yr anniversary of being together, I have to take 2 x 4 yr olds for their 4 yr old needles, I hope they 'do' them both at the same time! So cross your fingers for me, no temperatures or adverse reactions, and we might get to sneak out for dinner!


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary and I hope you get out for a lovely dinner :) ~ Christine

  2. Love the dress LeeAnne - an adult size sounds good. Happy Anniversary - we celebrated our 15th this year. Have fun with the needles - I had to take two children only a couple of weeks ago. Fun. My youngest had febrile convulsions with his 8wk needles. So I am always a bit worried but all done now until he is 4. Yippee