Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bloopers and out-takes

Jack and Jayden sometimes want to get in on the photo action. So yesterday while taking photos of the Retro Maxi Dress they grabbed a hat each (made by me) so we could have a Hannah Banannas Designs product shoot which included them. Well if we were big enough to have a catalogue, we wouldn't be using these shots! I dont even think Nanna would hang them on her wall, but I will print them, and smile everytime I look at them in the photo album, and Jayden, Jack and Hannah, they'll laugh together at each other!

Do you get your photos printed and put them in albums or do they stay on your computer or memory stick?
I wait for the 10c print sales and get 500 printed at a time! No-one will ever want to come to a slideshow night at my house!

For those who prefer Etsy, I have just listed the Retro Maxi Dress

Thanks for stopping by, I'll see you tomorrow!

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  1. I love photos that bring back happy memories of a particular day. I have so many photos on my PC, some I print myself for an album, others I get printed for a different album when the specials are on, and some come up regularly on my screen saver. But most would be classed as bloopers so every so often I have a browse through the photos on the computer, just for the memories. ~ Christine