Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jayden's Photos

I made the hat and Jayden took the photos!
I am going to teach him tomorrow that if you push the button down halfway it focuses for you, and once he knows that, he's it, chief photographer!
He had Hannah laughing so hard (he told her Mum's bum is soooo big it doesn't fit on the toilet seat! Lucky Mum's skin is sooooo thick!), she posed and played and hammed it up for Jayden! It was great! So many photos, some a little too blurry, but he loves taking photos, so lesson no 1 will be auto focus.
Jayden's school is adopting a sun safe policy which now excludes caps, Jack and Hannah's preschool has had this policy for a year or 2 as well. Jack wears his fedora to preschool as it provides sun protection to face, ears and back of neck, and Looks pretty good too!
I have been working on wide brimmed hats for the girls, something for sun protection, but still pretty and girly! These ones are for lovers of shabby chic,


  1. I'm your newest reader (from Germany) and I want you to know that it is a pleasure for me to look at your photos. Your children are so cute and I also like the way you sew.
    Best regards

  2. Sorry, I meant "Follower". In Germany we call it "Leser" = reader ;o)