Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Maxi

Check out the poses! I'm not sure what I've started? I've got no idae where she learnt how to pose like this!
Everyone who knows us, knows how after 2 boys I really wanted to try for a little girl, imagine how I felt at my 12 week scan and they told me I was having identical boys, aargh!!! It was the only time though that Hannah has ever been mistaken for a boy. She is definately the little girl I hoped for, and then some!
This maxi is replacing the one I posted a few days ago, as I have run out of fabric for the other.
This is 3/4 length on Hannah but can be made in full length, and is quite full and roomy, so little girls can still skip and twirl comfortably. I have just listed this in my madeit store for
$35.00 ea + $6.00 postage.

This little devil looks angelic in these photos, he's thinking about how much he likes to say bum and fart and other rude words!
He,s a pretty cool looking dude though! Love these hats and had to convince Jack to take it off when he went to bed last night, he then wanted to keep it under his pillow (along with the money he'd put there for the tooth fairy?).
I have listed these hats today in my madeit store for
$25.00 ea + $6.00 postage.
Off to work now, Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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