Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Letters fron Santa!

I probably should have done this post about a month or more ago, while everyone was still in a Santa mood!But i was going back through last years photos and came across these. The kids got letters from Santa, it was a bit of round trip, sent from the North Pole via Jelly Bean Books
they were so excited when they got here! Even Jayden, who is getting to the age that I dont want him to reach! He had so many questions, this year about Santa, but he still really wants to believe! So even though Christmas, or kisskiss as its known in our house, is well and truly over for a while, Its worth visiting Jelly Bean Books because kids love hearing stories about themselves! 
Thanks Christine, the kids loved them!


  1. How could I not love this post!! Santa letters still bring a bit of Christmas wonder to children, even in this day & age of electronic communication... gorgeous photos Le-Anne, thanks so much for sharing :)
    ~ Christine xx

  2. My kids love letters in the post! Theres something exciting about getting a letter out of the letterbox and tearing it open. My father in law writes to the kids alot even though he only lives 5 minutes away, they love it! Electronic communication is quick and convenient, but we love letters!