Thursday, February 24, 2011

Goodnight Hannah, Goodnight Jack, Goodnight JimBob...

What a load of unadulterated crap!
I can still hear my father saying that!
About the Waltons, the Brady Bunch and Little House on the Prairie!
All my faves!!
I think if the Walton girls were living in that big house now, then these are the sort of PJ's they'd be wearing, sweet and vintagey and available here

I made this top last week, I have put bits on it and taken bits off it! I love the fabrics and Hannah loves the top. I am wondering if the only thing wrong for me, is the picture in my head of Hannah rolling down a hill Laura Ingall's style, minus the peeing in her pants!

And to top of a very sweet, vintage, girly week is this dress!
Pretty all year round!

as a side note;
the above mentioned critic's favourite Tv/Movies
~Day of the Triffods
~Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes ~ 1 and 2
~anything Monty Python
(at least Killer tomatoes had George Clooney, and Monty Python is quite funny....)!
...and Dad! I just left a message on your answering machine to let you know, I sent you an email about the blog post I just wrote, about how you didn't like the waltons, the brady bunch, ...

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  1. Ooh, I just love your stuff! It's so different and gorgeous to what's out there-and fem love her suit. Next week I am doing a photoshoot, and I will tag you once they are edited (planning on using the headbands!) xx