Friday, February 18, 2011

Rain Drops Kept Falling on my Head!

Love the umbrella as a prop in this photo shoot!
unfortunately when I was walking to school to pick Jayden up, there was too much lightning to use an umbrella! I figured I was better off wet, than fried!
Sometimes I regret the decision to sell the car so I can lose weight, and sometimes I think the kids regret it too! But today, it was mad! Walking to school, it was pouring, hailing, the thunder was like someone striking a whip right next to you! We were crossing roads and the gutters were full, poor Jack's thongs came off and floated away! He was devastated, I was soaked! Thank God it was Summer! Jayden loved it! Not sure what shoes he will be wearing to school tomorrow, since he jumped in every massive puddle on the way home!
I made this new skirt today, its purply and a little bit sparkly! Its got butterflies and birds, its pretty and a little shabby chic!
I will be listing this on madeit tomorrow
$22.00 for skirt and headband + postage!

Rain rain go away, come again another day!
(But not on the weekend)!

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