Monday, February 28, 2011

The Notebook

Last night I watched the Time Travellers Wife and cried the whole way through it for the second time!
Two weeks ago I watched the Notebook, and not only did I cry, I sobbed! How sad to have laughed and lived and loved! Then forgotten?
Today, I went to visit my Nan, Old Nan, as my kids call her! She's just been placed in a dementia specific ward, she seems to like it there! I think she liked seeing Jack and Hannah, most of the residents did. Iwish they knew her the way I did, the way my Mum did, the way my Pa did....
They loved each other, i loved them, they made me laugh, they loved me....
and Bert Newton if you happen to read this blog,
Old Nan always wanted to be on New Faces, she couldn't sing and she couldn't dance, but she would always try and make you laugh!
I love You, Nanna xxx

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