Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Angel wings, tutus and tap shoes!

How beautiful are the angel wings in the shop window???
Hannah would love a pair, and my mind is ticking, thinking about what sort of dress I could make to go with them! Love love love them! I will have to either find out how much they are, or work out how to make some like them.
So this is the newest short suit, its sweet and pretty, made from a light cotton with a lace neckline trim.
Available in the madeit shop they are $25.00ea + postage,
the pantsuits can also be made for babies with press studs for easy nappy changes!

Today, Jayden started tap classes, he's so excited and enthusiastic about it! We bought the shoes and made his shorts and off he went to his 1st class, and loved it! It kind of came out of the blue when he said he wanted to do tap, and he didn't want to tell the boys at school that he was starting. He did tell the girls though, so that sort of took care of telling the boys! I hope he keeps on loving it, cant wait for the end of year concert!
... and Miss Hannah Bananna, she started ballet! She was the best in the class she told me! and we have to go shopping for a pink leotard and a TUTU!!! All I can say is that my children had better hope they take after their father when it comes to dancing, because seriously, Im not that good at it! Tim is though, he even taught me how to do the wedding waltz! Amazing!
Jack, he wants to do westling, (the missing "r" is not a typo), if anyone knows where a 4 yr old can do westling in Newcastle, I would love it if you'd let me know,.... I think?

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