Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Funky Fairy and Punky Pirate learn to Skateboard!!!

I think I mentioned a while ago, my love of hand dyeing, tie dyeing!
Have I ever mentioned that Hannah is a girly girl who loves fairies and princesses?
Well how funky is this fairy in her tie dyed singlet with fairy wings?
Pretty funky according to all the people who stopped us at the shopping centre on Saturday!
Hannah is loving this top and the attention that comes with it, and she loves the wings, a little bonus for a fairy learning to ride a skateboard!
If your little fairy wants to be funky, you should shop at Bohemian Babes!

The Punky Pirate doesn't need wings to ride a skateboard, he's tough and he's got spunk (plenty of it)!
He's also got a really cool Tshirt!
You can also get one of these from Bohemian Babes
Check out her store, its cool, its fun!!!!

Jacks had a good summer!
He's learnt to water ski, surf and now ride a skateboard. I guess with those blonde curls he was always going to be a little gromet!

If you like the skirt Hannah is wearing, its available in my madeit store

Cheers :)

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  1. What little spunks in their funky clothes. Love the photos Leeanne - I wish I could find my camera. :(