Monday, February 7, 2011

OK! Now Stand Up!!!!

 Kids are amazing! They really are!
We are beach people, have you guessed? In the summer, and even nice days in winter thats where you'll find us. So its important to us that the kids know how to swim confidently and that they enjoy the beach as much as we do, (we have deleted Jaws from the IQ! Rotten movie, I was going to be a marine biologist until I watched that)!
But anyhow, last summer I decided I would again try to surf, it had probably been about 15 yrs in between goes, Tim pushed me onto the wave and said Ok! Now stand up! Well I bloody tried to stand up, a lot of times, and in the end I decided there was a lot of things I could do and I wasn't that perturbed about putting surfing on the list of things I cant do!
What amazed me though, that first time on a surfboard for Jack and Hannah, Tim pushed them onto the wave and said OK! Now stand up! and they did! Just like that!
If only everything in life was so easy!
Jack is wearing the beach boy boardies in pink and still looks pretty cool on that surfboard!
Beach boy boardies are available in pink, green or blue

I have a few new ideas which I would like to get made now that the weather has finally cooled down, I will hopefully share them with you next week sometime!
I'm enjoying the southerly change, have a great week :)


  1. How cool is that! I love Tim's triumphant arms in the air too :) ~ Christine

  2. Why do kids make things look so easy? I'm loving this cooler weather. Windows open and no a/c.