Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Got Style?

Hannah's Got it!
Best dressed driver at Middlerock!
Hannah finally learnt to drive the barbie jeep, and she's pretty impressed with herself too. I wonder how it would go over if the kids were to drive this to school? It would save listening to Jack whinge about his sore legs, its too far! It would save having to carry Hannah's scooter, which she is seriously bad at riding... hope she figures that out next!
Probably not a good idea!
Great at the caravan park and it only annoys the retirees a little bit!

Hannah is wearing this Mellow Yellow Halter
which I have just relisted at madeit
Have a fun day!


  1. That does look like fun! ~ Christine xx

  2. What a cute dress! I love the design and its mellow yellow color.