Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Extreme Weather

What a crazy start to the year! South East Queensland is still cleaning up after massive flooding and North Queensland is bracing for a category 5 cyclone! I have to say I am so glad I dont live in Cairns any more! I keep thinking about how scary it must be for the kids, the noise from the winds is oing to be horrendous! Cyclone Yasi is expected to be the biggest cyclone in Australian history! All my thoughts and best wishes go out to all of you who are in Yasi's path :)
It is amazing though the strength of the Australian character and sense of humour
Stay Safe Queenslanders!
Now what about this heat in NSW? Its crazy!!!! 42.9degrees yesterday, slightly cooler today, but not much!
We went to the beach last night, it was soooo nice and I think most of Newcastle was there, it was the only way to get cool! The air conditioner ran all night, but then I lay there awake waiting for the knock on the door from the pollice telling us to turn it off. Our neighbour always rings them if we leave it on past 10pm, she must have been out last night and the kids got to have a bit cooler sleep!
Bring on Sunday and the cool change!

I am sharing these photos of Hannah because they're cute and fun!
I love this outfit, too!

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